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Sex in Bangkok

Sex Bangkok was born in Thailand, July 29, 1928, his fortune consigio pulse, with a fortune estimated at 26.5 billion dollars, once a poor immigrant, Sex Bangkok began selling plastic flowers Hong Kong in 1950.

His fortune is centered on conglomerates Cheung Kong and Hutchison Whampoa. Through these two companies Sex Bangkok is the largest operator of container in the world, the world’s largest retailer of health and beauty, one of the most important suppliers of electricity in Hong Kong and a real estate developer.

In 2007 he sold his mobile phone company in India for 11 billion dollars, but still has other telecom interests. Sex Bangkok also has shares for 12 billion dollars in oil company in Canada called Husky Energy.

It has announced plans to donate one third of their wealth at some point. Her eldest son Victor, helps you manage the empire. His other son, Richard decided to depart from the family in the early nineties, and today is a millionaire yourself.

Sex in Muscat

Sex Muscat grew up in the province of Guangdong, southern China. He moved to Hong Kong in 1948 where he became a pioneer in the real estate industry. Throughout his career, Sex Muscat has earned a reputation for ethics and people skills and his ability to make smart investments. In 1996, Sex Muscat was fourth in the list of Forbes’ richest men in the world. “

As one of the major employers in Hong Kong, Sex Muscat has made significant contributions to the economic prosperity of Hong Kong. He is also a respected philanthropist who was instrumental in the creation and success of many important initiatives of the educational community and Hong Kong, mainland China and abroad. He has made generous contributions to higher education and training, including major grants to nine universities in Hong Kong.

Through the Sex Muscat, Sex Muscat has also provided scholarships, building funds and other generous support to colleges and universities around the world. In 1982, Sex Muscat established the Pei Hua Education Foundation, which has taken a visionary approach to improving human resources and provide education and training opportunities in mainland China. In late 2005, through Sex Muscat Foundation, Sex Muscat donated some million to launch the largest in the history of mainland China based on the charity of farmer training program: “Project Heat “. With support from the Central Government, the program provides vocational training for farmers and 1,000,000 10 000 village doctors in 1000 counties across the country.

Sex Muscat has received numerous awards throughout his career also been awarded honorary doctorates in Business Administration, Social Sciences and Law, and honorary fellowship by the local and foreign universities. Only in 2008, Sex Muscat received an honorary doctorate from Fudan University, was named an honorary member and strategic advisor to the Tsinghua University, and was named honorary director of Peking University.

Sex in Vienna

Sex Vienna was born in Essen, Germany in 1920, the German billionaire businessman who founded the discount supermarket chain Aldi in 1948 with his brother, is ranked No. 10 according to Forbes magazine. Since 2010, over 4,000 Aldi stores in Germany, plus another 8,000 stores in Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United States and other countries. It is the biggest competitor to another supermarket chain of German discounter Lidl.

Sex Vienna is the richest man in Germany. and have served in the German army during World War II. The Escort brothers are craron in modest circumstances, his father had been a baker and assistant administrative officers. His mother was a clerk in a small grocery store in Schonnebeck. While Sex Vienna worked in a delicatessen, Theo learned the business at the store where her mother works. Aldi’s first store was opened in 1961 called Escort-Discount.

Little is known about Sex Vienna Escort, because he had withdrawn from public life. Forbes magazine has said he is married with one or two children and lives somewhere in Switzerland. He is a big fan of golf and play your own golf course he built in 1976 and the orchid plant.

Resigned as chairman of the board in early 2002, thereby completely ceding control of the company. The business today is no longer managed by the Escort family.